Running Safety 101 ( + Flipbelt Review)

August 27, 2014

A few weeks ago we had a scare in our area of an attempted kidnapping of a runner. Ever since then, I have been taking extra caution while running.

1. Low music
I am a running music lover. I know music helps me keep going. However, running without music isn't that horrible (for short runs). I either run with no music or run with my music on low volume making sure I can still hear things such as passing cars or approaching runners.

2. Run with others
Run with a friend or a running group. Having a running buddy helps with boredom, motivates you to keep going, and can be a time to socialize. These past couple of weeks, my family has been running with me. Last weekend I had a 16 mile run where I ran 8.5 miles with my mom then looped back home and ran with my dad the rest of the 7.5 miles.

3. Don't run at night or in dark lighting 
That is self explanatory :)

4. Carry a FlipBelt
Having something that holds your phone, keys, cash, mace, and fuel is the best option.

The FlipBelt makes carrying items easier. With multiple openings, you simply place items in the belt, flip it inside out to secure the items, and carry your items hands free. The width of the belt is approximately 3.5" wide for storing bigger, bulky items such as a phone or gu pouches. I placed my belt lower on my hips but it can be worn any way- higher on the stomach, under clothing, over clothing, low on the hips. The FlipBelt comes in multiple sizes so you can select which fits best. I ordered an XS because of my small waist. The belt can be used for any activity: yoga, biking, running, hiking, etc. You could even wear it underneath clothing to hold your wallet, phone, and car keys without needing a purse when you go out.

The FlipBelt features:
  • No bouncing
  • No chafing 
  • Easy access to mulitple openings
  • Flip items to lock it 
  • Slide items anywhere
I ordered the FlipBelt in Neon Punch. I used it for my long run and it stayed secure - no bounce!- while I ran. As someone who despises anything that bounces around my waist, I was pleased when it didn't bother me. I put my phone, house keys and Gu/fuel in the belt. It has two slits in the front and two in the back. In one slit, there is a keychain hook where I attached my house keys. The FlipBelt was super convenient. The fabric is thick (to secure the items) and can be machine washed when it becomes dirty.

If you order one before September 4th, use the code sweat33 for 33% of your entire purchase at the online store!

Disclaimer: As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I received a complimentary FlipBelt. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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