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August 26, 2014

Just a little update on life, training, etc...

On Running:
These next seven weeks are increasing mileage. I ran 16 this past weekend and have an 18 miler and two 20 milers coming up. I am pretty nervous about the 20 milers. I have only run one in the past but since it was a race it felt "easier" as I ran with others and had adrenaline from the race setting. Now I will be running on my own.

On Cross/strength training:
Since my runs are getting harder, I have been doing easier workouts for cross training and strength training. For my swims I have been doing them not looking at time, just swimming back and forth. I did 10 100s last week and probably won't swim over 1200m for any of the swims. My strength training has been about maintaining strength rather than gaining strength. When I would work out hard to get stronger I would be sore for a few days causing my tempo runs to be slower than they were supposed to be.

On eating:
I have been eating a lot more. 3 big meals + 2-3 snacks during the day. My snacks have been crackers and fruit, smoothies, protein shakes, one sweet snack in the afternoon (cake, ice cream, cookies), and different things like that. Basically, when I am hungry, I eat.

So far, I have been feeling stronger this training cycle. I have had a few bad long runs in the past couple weeks but I know that is my fault with fueling.. I know I need to drink more electrolytes as I sweat a lot. I have been learning a lot!

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