How to: Recover from bad workouts

August 15, 2014

Every runner has them. Don't lie.

There are multiple days where training is going perfectly, all is well, and you could run forever. But then there is that one day that makes you rethink everything. Can I really run that 5k? Should I really complete the 26.2 or just downsize to the half? The first thing I would say is don't give up! However, it is easier to say to others than to yourself. Running really is mostly mental.

1. Rest or recover

A bad run usually means you are tired and/or aren't recovered from your other workouts. If there is a bad training run, take an extra rest day to give yourself time to recover.

Note: foam roll, stretch, ice bath or epsom salt baths

2. Don't dwell on the bad

My 13 miler two weekends ago was tougher than usual. I cut my hour long run on Monday down to 30 minutes because my legs just wouldn't work with me. I began to think that maybe I'm not strong enough. I began doubting myself but when Coach emailed me telling me that my training is going great I felt better and realized that bad runs happen. You have them then you get over them and keep training.

Note: talk with people who will encourage you.

3. Easy workouts

If you start a run and you don't feel right, run a shorter distance. Make your next few training days easier than you would if you felt strong.

Note: Going easy doesn't mean losing fitness.

And there's my tips! Here's to hoping I will actually listen to my advice..

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