9 miles & A Wedding

August 16, 2014

I had a shorter but harder run to do this weekend. My training plan has a few race simulation workouts where I run a certain distance then end the last mile or so at a fast/hard pace. 

This run was 9 miles going from easy pace to race pace. The distance was broken up of five miles easy, three miles moderate, one mile hard. I didn't want to have to carry a fuel belt or water bottles (sometimes it makes me feel like I am being weighed down therefore running slower). I ran a five mile loop around my house so I could stop for water/gatorade. 

Five miles easy- 9:08 pace --- stopped at my house for quick hydrating. 
Three miles moderate @ 8:15 pace
One mile hard @ 7:22 pace

My pace for the last mile was around a 6:45 but then I slowed a bit as usually my hard miles aren't below seven minute miles. 

After the run, I had some time to relax before getting ready for my friend's wedding. 

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