What's In Your Makeup Bag?

July 14, 2014

When I am not swim/bike/running/sweating, I am actually very girly. I love shopping (and finding all my clothes at Anthro) and getting dressed up. 

My favorite products are from Lancome. I used to buy makeup at Target back in high school days but since my mom wears this company I decided to try it out for myself and really like it. Plus, every time I go in the store I always apply for the "free gifts." Last week I went to pick out more summery makeup and got a bag, mascara, eyeshadow and body wash for free! These are my favorite products:

1. Lancome dual finish powder- This product can be used as just powder, foundation, or a powder over your foundation. I like that it is versatile and I can wear it different ways.

2. Lancome bronzer- I bought bronzer for fun for a "sun kissed" look.

3. Lancome blush

4. Lancome eyeshadow- I always get the free gifts since I spend so much on makeup which included
this set of eyeshadow colors

5. Olay lotion- I put this on before makeup.

6. Lancome foundation- I recently had to buy a darker color foundation since getting more tan. Now I
have one for winter and one for summer.

7. These are miscellaneous items such as lipgloss, mascara base, mascara, eyeliner, and an eyelash

8. Brushes- I bought a pack of travel sized brushes a few years ago and wash them out every so often

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