Week Recap: July 14th - July 20th

July 20, 2014

This week was an "off" week for me. I felt tired. By the time Thursday came I didn't really want to swim but knew I probably should so I kept it pretty short (750 meters) and easy. Friday I skipped my run all together. My dad and I went on a bike ride together Saturday afternoon and ended up going a little farther than planned. I had a race sim 10k on Sunday morning which went better than I thought but not a PR.

Monday: Tempo run
Tuesday: 30 mins cycle + 30 mins strength 
Wednesday: Easy run
Thursday: 30 mins swim
Friday: Easy run Off day
Saturday: 30 mins cycle (1 hour)
Sunday: 10k race

On Wednesday, my sister and I went to lunch and to the mall. It was a delicious lunch!

The Bible study I go to is raising money for kids in the Ukraine to go to camp. One fundraiser was a painting party that my sisters, friends, and I went to on Friday night. Painting was so fun! I definitely did better than I thought I would.

This week was:
5:03 hours of training
18.02 mile of running


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