To the beach we go!

July 31, 2014

Last weekend my family and I went down to the coast to spend a few days at the beach. We used to go to Florida every summer but took a break and did Disney instead. It has been years since we have been and we were all looking forward to the trip. We had a blast! (besides missing our oldest sister)

Our beach vacation was the opposite of our Disney vacation. In Disney, we ran like crazy all day and night. The beach was relaxing. We slept in, enjoyed relaxing each day, played in the water, went to Schlitterbahn, and went out to dinner.

The view was beautiful! Our condo had two pools that we went to and a boardwalk down to the beach.

I took a break from training for the weekend. I wanted to spend time with my family and didn't feel like leaving the room to go workout by myself.

It was a fun weekend at the beach!

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