The best swim workouts

July 21, 2014

I usually head to the gym with a pre-planned workout written down on my index card. When I first began swimming, I wrote down my workout and taped the paper so it wouldn't get ruined until my sister's friend, who is a swimmer, told me to place the paper in a ziplock bag. It was the best tip.

There are a lot of swim workouts online- I search Google or Pinterest for workouts.

1000m recovery swim:
100 meters kick
100 meters pull
repeat 10 times

Anna, my oldest sister, gave me this recovery swim. It is an easy paced workout. The kick portion is 4 laps with a kick board. The pull portion is 4 laps without moving legs.

1450m workout: 
warm up - 3 x 150m @ 2:30, 3:00: 3:30

drill set - 8 x 50m @ 1:00, 1:15, 1:30

main set - 4 x 75m, 2 x 50m, 4 x 25m

cool down - 100m easy

This workout is ideal for building speed and endurance. Time each set. They start fast and end slow. I used this workout to help me get faster.

1800m workout:
200m warm up
   4 x 100m
   4 x 50m
   8 x 25m
   4 x 50m
   4 x 100m
200m cool down

I swim once a week. I mix up my workouts and if I do an easy swim one week then the next I will choose a more challenging swim.

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