Marathon Training

July 10, 2014

I am back with the marathon training! My first training cycle last fall was anything but perfect. My only goal was to finish my first marathon with a decent time. During training, the last four weeks were tough. I had longer runs (14, 16, 18 milers etc.) than I was used to. I also don't think I fueled well enough which led to overtraining. However, this time I don't want to make those mistakes and here is how I am changing my training.

from my triathlon a few weeks ago

What's different this time:

I have a coach who tells me what to run each day, reads all my stats and gives me tips for the next run, and gives me training advice. Such as, when I become tired I tell her and she changes my training to give me time to recover.

I also know how to fuel better which includes: eating more, taking vitamins, drinking protein shakes, and fueling properly during my runs. I am going to rest more often.


My marathon is October 25th and my biggest goal is to qualify for Boston at this marathon. I have to break 40 minutes off my last time but I know with proper training and smarter fueling I will have more success.


  1. Great race photo! And funny how much changes in one year ;-). I'm totally rooting for you and a Boston qualifier. I know you have it in you!

    1. Yes, totally! I definitely didn't think I would go for it so soon ;) Thanks girl!!

  2. You are so smart! You are going to rock this next marathon :)


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