Feeding My Adventure // Clif Bar Review

July 15, 2014

Clif Bar sent me different products to sample and review on my blog. I was so excited when it was shipped! I have a marathon in October and I am always looking for new fuel to test on my training runs and find what works perfect for me.

Clif Shot Bloks

I normally don't carry water or gatorade with me on my runs. I find it annoying to hold anything in my hands while running. When I get to a certain milage (12 and over), I take my fuel belt since the time it takes to run the distance increases and I get dehydrated. Since I run with and without liquids, I need fuel that doesn't always require drinking after I eat them. Although these bloks encourage users to drink water afterwards, I don't have trouble chewing them and continuing my run.

The bloks are easily chewable and have a "soft" texture. It sounds weird to say they are soft but they really are. Plus, they don't leave any sticky residue on my hands. The flavors are all good but my favorite would be tropical punch.

Clif Shot Protein Recovery

I bought chocolate protein powder from my sister's work but I was starting to get tired of the flavor. Protein is very important and having different flavors helps mix it up while I can still get my protein in.

I mixed the orange mango packet with water and the chocolate packet with milk.  

Clif Electrolyte Hydration

These drink mixes act similar to Gatorade or Powerade. They have all 5 electrolytes and hydrate any activity. I drank one while doing my cross training (swimming and weights afterward) and the other on my long run. I mixed each packet with water. They both taste very good! 

Clif Energy Gel

I usually prefer the bloks over gels. However, gels are used for quick energy rather than having to chew while running (or during any activity). I am thinking of switching out and taking gels for a few long runs.

I usually have issues with stomach cramping but neither the bloks or gu caused issues. Each product worked great. Now that I know what works for me, I am looking forward to purchasing more Clif Bar products as I continue training for my goal race!

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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