Complimentary Yoga

July 7, 2014

Last week, a friend and I wanted to hang out and she had the idea to go to a yoga class. Lululemon offers a complimentary yoga class every Thursday night so we headed out to the outdoor mall. We picked up smoothies before (we didn't feel like eating a huge dinner) and walked around until it was yoga time.

It was a bit weird at first as people were still shopping and we were the only ones setting up our mats in the middle of the store but a few minutes later more people came in. The class was a pretty good size- about 10 people. 

I haven't been to yoga since last year since I got a coach and have a specific training plan. It was a little challenging but it felt good. I have been bad at stretching lately making me very tight. It felt good to stretch out. 

Overall it was a fun experience!

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