How To: Keep up training while on vacation

June 10, 2014

There are different kinds of people in the training world. There are some who will stick to their training plan no matter where they go and there are some who will try to fit it in but if it doesn't work out they don't stress about it. I talked to my coach before I left and we figured out a shorter schedule that included plenty of rest days and shorter running days. However, I didn't mention we walk around ten to twelve miles every day which would probably change that schedule. I was hoping to be able to keep up running while away but I didn't realize how much energy goes into each day. Our vacations aren't usually relaxing ;) I didn't worry about it too much and decided that if I had a chance to run then I would go. I had a chance one of the mornings where I got out for a quick thirty minute run before everyone woke up. I also had a lizard jump at me from a branch where I quickly decided I was done with running for the week. 

If you absolutely, positively have to keep up training: 

1. Before you leave, find a hotel gym, running trail, or road near your vacation spot and plan out where you will go each day.

2. Schedule your trip around your training so you know exactly when it will fit in. Either wake up early or find a time during the day when you can step away to hit the gym or trails.

3. Try to keep up the same schedule-  doing your training at the same time as if you were home. Training in the mornings is usually best since most vacations have unstructured days and it can be easy to keep pushing the time you will go train until later. 

4. If you miss a training day don't stress. One day or one week off from training has little to no effect on previous training. In fact, you don't loose any fitness between seven to ten days of no activity. Enjoy the break and relax.

5. Bring your own equipment or try something new- doing strength exercises without weights, etc.

6. Start back easy when you get home. When we got back I did an easy 4 mile run on Sunday (I was supposed to do 9 but quickly realized it wasn't going to happen) then I had another easy run the next day. Starting back with a hard workout or tempo run can lead to injury. 


  1. I like this "In fact, you don't loose any fitness between seven to ten days of no activity." Especially because I've been a bum since my last half and can't do much of anything :-P

    You make me want some Disney in my life!

    1. I like knowing that so I don't freak out when I can't get training in. Haha, you deserve some time off!! Everyone needs Disney in their life :)

  2. Great tips, Sara. You always have a good head on your shoulders when it comes to being realistic with training. And like Ashleigh, I haven't been able to do much since last weekend and now don't feel so bad about it ;)

  3. Just catching up on posts your Disney pics look great. Looks like you had a blast. Oh super cute
    matching shoes. Where did you get them? Did you all need new shoes? Ha!


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