Goals for Tri #2

June 18, 2014

It is race week! I am so excited (and nervous) for triathlon number two. Not only is it longer distances, but it is also open water. I have read numerous articles covering how to swim in open water, how to sight, what to do when you have a panic attack, etc. These articles make open water swimming seem like the worst thing in the world.

A few weeks ago, my older sister's coach was going to the lake to train and I was going to tag along. But plans changed and I didn't have the chance to try it out. I am hoping 500 meters won't be too bad.

The race directors uploaded the race course last night and tomorrow is packet pick up.


1. Survive the swim- I don't know what it is like to swim where you can't see the bottom so I am hoping to calm my nerves and focus on getting to the next buoy.

2. Age group award- I want to place in my age group but first place would be even better!

3. Have fun- This is my last triathlon of the season as I am focusing on marathon training after this. I want to have fun and enjoy the race no matter what the outcome is.

I already have my race outfit ready!

The only things left to do are: packet pick up tomorrow, change my bike tires to the new gator skins, and organize my race gear. 


  1. Yayyy triathlons! So excited for you! You're definitely going to place (if not win!) your age group!!

    1. Late response- but yes, yay! I was so excited!!

  2. The idea of swimming terrifies me in general, so I'm so impressed with anyone signed up for a tri! Good luck!

    1. Swimming is fun. Open water swimming isn't fun (yet). Thank you, Sophie!


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