Week Recap: May 26th - May 31st

May 31, 2014

This week was a longer training week and next week will be a cut back week. For running, there are six zones that go from an easy run to a hard run and your heart rate changes per zone. My coach and I figured out my heart rates for each zone of training. I practiced staying at those heart rates depending on the training zones for the tempo run on Wednesday and the long run today.

Monday: Easy run

1 hour easy run.

Tuesday: Cross train + Strength train

40 minutes cycling on my trainer and 30 minutes of weights.

My sister (who is training for an Ironman and works at Total Nutrition) was super nice and sent me a shaker bottle for mixing my powders. She also gave us t-shirts when she visited last month. 

Wednesday: Tempo run

Four sets of 5 minutes hard and 2 minutes of recovery. I was to keep my heart rate at 168 which I sort of did..

Then later my sister and I went to get our hair cut. We were getting tired of our long hair. She got six inches cut and I got four!

Thursday: Cross train + Strength train

For my 30 minute swim I took it easy and took as many breaks as I wanted.

1200m swim:
2 x 100m warm up
1 x 500m swim
2 x 100m swim
1 x 300m cool down

Then I went home for 30 minutes of weights. I followed this workout that my sister sent me a few months ago.

Friday: Easy run

35 minute easy run. I went to lunch with a friend and borrowed the cutest shorts from my sister. I'm going to have to borrow them more often ;) 

Saturday: Long run (12 miles)

I woke up bright and early for my run. Here is what I took with me:

Under armour top and shorts, Lululemon sports bra, chest strap, Garmin, fuel belt, water bottle, ipod, Mizunos. 

Look, only one Lululemon item! 12 sweaty miles DONE. I'm ready for a recovery week next week!

This week was:
6.15 hours of training
27.57 miles of running


  1. Woohoo, looks like a great week. Love the haircut and the shorts! Where are the shorts from?

    1. Yes it was! Thank you! They are from Macy's but a few years old.

  2. LOVE the haircut/new pic on your sidebar! Another great week of workouts. Great job on 12 miles! And you were DONE at 6:50?! dang haha

    1. Thank you Leigha!! Haha no no, that was when I started!


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