Week Recap: May 19th - May 24th

May 26, 2014

This past week was a fun week! Sunday through Wednesday we were out of town. Thursday night I went to Bible study, dinner and a movie. This is what my week look liked:

Monday: Threshold Assessment 

Coach Jenny sent me a chart with different levels of intensity and how they feel. On a scale of one to ten, I had to run at a six which is "comfortably hard." The assessment was to start easy and keep increasing levels every few minutes for about 20 minutes then I was to run 25 more minutes easy. I wasn't sure if I did the test right but I uploaded all my stats and sent them to my coach and she said they were great.

Tuesday: Cross Train + Strength Train

40 minutes of biking (on a stationary bike which isn't as cool as my bike but I couldn't bring mine with me) and 30 minutes of weights. 

Wednesday: Tempo Run

8 sets of 2 minutes hard and 2 minutes easy with a warm up and cool down included. 

Thursday: Cross Train + Strength Train

I wanted to see how it would feel to swim 1600 meters without stopping, so I did and it was great! I timed my 500m swim then kept going to see how long I could swim until the thirty minutes were up. Afterwards I did weights at home. 

Friday: Easy run

An easy 35 minute run.

Saturday: Long run (10 miles)

Saturday was a busy day. I went for my run early, I had a nail appointment later in the morning, my sister had her bridal shower in the afternoon, and we had church that evening. It was all fun but by 8pm I was ready for bed.

Sunday: Recovery day

This week was:
5.10 hours of training
23.17 miles of running


  1. You seem to have everything perfectly balanced out haha! Running, social life, family time... You + your whole family are honestly so cute. I didn't know your sister was getting married!

    1. Haha! Or at least it looks that way ;) Thank you Leigha!!


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