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May 22, 2014

These past few days, my mom, Kathleen, and I went to Louisiana to visit our grandparents. We haven't been in a while and we found the perfect time that we were each available to go. We enjoyed spending time with everyone! Our grandparents live down the street from each other which we would drive back and forth to spend time with both. 

We spent a lot of time catching up with all our relatives, we celebrated our cousins birthdays, we went to a couple stores there. One of my friend's who used to play in the orchestra with me moved to Louisiana a few months ago and while I was there we were able to meet up to catch up. It was so good seeing her again! 

 New water bottles that we are excited about :)
Plus, it fits in my bike water cage.

Going shopping

They have a super nice gym at their church with treadmills, ellipticals, machines, weights, etc. No one is ever there. I was able to keep up with training while away. Kathleen went with me to the church gym to workout. On Monday I had a threshold assessment, which I don't know what that means. I ran on a treadmill (coach's order, I don't like treadmills) for that. On Tuesday I had bike and weights. On Wednesday I woke up early to run outside before we headed back home.

It is so pretty there!

We ate very well this week! Our grandmother made us breakfast in the morning that was bran muffins, fruit, oatmeal, grits, eggs, and juice. We ate chicken one night and then the next night Kathleen and I went to Johnny's Pizza which is a popular place. The pizza is so good! 

And that's our trip! The time was too short but we are happy that we could go!

Kathleen and I are headed to the pool to swim laps. I'm going to practice some 500 meter repeats for the triathlon that is ONE MONTH away!!


  1. Hi Sara,
    A lactate threshold assessment is basically the fastest a person can run (swim, cycle) in a steady state without fatiguing for up to an hour. If you exceed you lactate threshold you will fatigue much sooner. Hope this helps explain it to you.

    Great church gym !


  2. Sounds like a ton of fun! That breakfast your grandma cooked seems like a total southern thing haha! And that is a church gym?! That's amazing!

    1. It was! Haha! I'm making the same things at home for breakfast since it was so delicious. I know, right?! I've never seen a church gym like that.


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