Long Run Tips

May 28, 2014

Long runs are second nature to me. I don't really think much about it. I just wake up and run whatever distance is planned for the morning. But even if I don't think about it, there are different things that have to happen in order for me to have a successful run. 

Go to bed early- I usually don't go out on Friday nights or else I will be way too tired to run the next morning. I wake up around 6:50am. There are some Fridays that I do go out with friends and I make sure to get plenty of rest the next day after I run. 

Be prepared- I eat a good dinner, get my clothes out the night before, and set my alarm. Since no one else is awake at that hour, I make sure everything is ready to go so all I have to do is lock the door. 

Fuel properly- I grab some gu's to take along. I usually take one every 3 miles which I bring about 4 with me. 

And there's my check list. This weekend is 12 miles!


  1. Great tips I follow these same exact things! The only thing additional I do is I try not to eat too late the night before:)


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