I've been bit..

May 13, 2014

The other week I was waiting on a lane to swim. The lady in front of me motioned that I could start swimming while she picked up all her things. Here's how our conversation went down:

Me: What are you training for?
Lady: Ironman (Insert some state that I don't remember). It will be my fourth ironman. Are you just swimming?
Me: Oh wow. No, I'm training for my second triathlon.

I have been bit by the triathlon bug.

Of course, running will always be my favorite. However, I get so nervous before my running races because I put a lot of pressure on myself to PR or be faster than the last time. I had no goals besides having fun during the tri which meant I didn't put as much pressure on myself. Not only is the triathlon a fun race, but the training for each sport is also fun. I may have gotten a little tired of cycling and swimming at some point in time, but they work great with my training.

I talked with my coach after finishing the triathlon in April asking if I could do just one more which she said yes. My next triathlon is on June 21st.

It is a little longer distance.

500 meter swim | 13 mile bike | 3.4 mile run

Training this time is a little different. Summer means no school zones and less traffic when I ride outside. It also means my dad may have more opportunities to ride with me since I don't have as demanding of a schedule with school, work, etc. The other week I wanted to see if I could swim 500m. Swimming isn't my strongest sport since I'm not very fast (I also don't work on swimming fast, my bad) but I completed it. Now I want to try to get faster before race day. The only thing about this race is that it is in open water and I have no experience with open water.. 

I have a new swimsuit (well, kind of new), new tires, and new shoes. I am ready to keep "tri- ing."


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