Guest Post: 26.2 By Anna

May 16, 2014

A few weeks ago my older sister ran her first marathon! That means 3 out of 6 of our family are MARATHONERS. She first guest posted last year recapping her half ironman while she works her way towards her goal of finishing a full ironman in November. We thought of a questionnaire type post instead of a full recap so I asked her a few questions about her experience. Enjoy!
freezing in the rain while waiting

I finished my first marathon on April 27th. It was the most exhausting and exhilarating thing. I did the marathon because I wanted to gain the confidence that I could complete 26.2 miles after swimming and biking in November. I picked the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon because your race fee (can't remember how much of it) goes to supporting the museum. It was so humbling and kind of emotional to run past someone who had a number that said "running in memory of....", it was an amazing race. 
What were your top songs during the race? 
Of course I had my iPod with me filled with 5 hours of music (I only needed 4:52 haha). My top songs were Til I collapse by Eminem (edited version), Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon (edited) and Rise Above This by Seether. 
How did you fuel for the race? 
I went into the race with the plan to take 1 power gel every hour but 2 hours into the race my stomach revolted against me and decided that anything I put in would make me sick. So the last two hours I just choked down powerade and water--I have to figure out something else for my next race! 

What was the worst part about the marathon? 
"Worst" part of the race was definitely the 2 hour start delay. Because of the weather they were uncertain if we would even be able to race, luckily by 8:30 the weather was starting to look better! But by 10am it was so hot. 
What was your favorite part about the marathon? 

Favorite part of the marathon was seeing Jake (husband) four times during the race, it pushed me to keep going. Also, running down the finisher chute was awesome, you knew you had made it!!! 
When did you want to quit and how did you keep going? 
mile 8, looking so happy :)

Mile 21 I wanted to quit. I was so tired, my lips were chapped and burning so bad, and I was so hot. I just wanted to finish. I kept going because there were others out there doing it too and I knew it was just half of what I would have to endure at Ironman Florida. 
What are tips for others who are about to run their first marathon?
My number one tip for anyone wanting to do a marathon would be don't stress about your time. I stressed a lot about it but then realized it was my first one and just finishing was an accomplishment! 

Thanks for letting me post! 


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  1. You are amazing Anna! A marathon is such a huge accomplishment! Good luck at the Ironman!!


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