Week Recap: April 21st - April 25th

April 25, 2014

I'm recapping a short week as I get ready for my first triathlon TOMORROW.

Monday: Easy run

I went for my run in the morning since I had class then work afterwards. I also had my very last speech due! 

Tuesday: Cross train + Strength train

Tuesday was my "catch up on rest" day. I was running around all last weekend and was feeling pretty bad on Monday. I don't do well on little sleep so I spent the day at home baking, eating, training, and relaxing.

Wednesday: Easy run w/ pickups 

I had classes for most of the day, grabbed lunch with a friend during my break, and went for my run in the afternoon. 

Does this make me look cool?

My coach had me do a few "pick up the pace" speed work during my easy run. It felt good to run fast even if it was for a short amount of time.

Thursday: Cross train

I went to work, headed to the gym for my swim, and stopped by packet pick up before my Bible study. I kept it pretty easy with 1,250m total. My swimsuit and goggles worked out great!

1,250m swim workout:
4 x 100m warm up
200m for time
4 x 100m swim
200m easy
50m cool down

It makes it so official with the race number and all:

Friday: Rest day

Today is class for most of the day then my sister and I are headed over to a friends house to get our hair braided for race day. 

Packet pick up: check
Everything set out for tomorrow: check
Race day hair: almost check

This week was:
3.4 hours of training
8.92 miles of running


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