Race Recap: I Ran Marathons 10k

April 19, 2014

I raced my first 10k this morning! This past week has been busy. I have been so tired and I had body aches. I talked with my coach about it and we added a rest day in the week and decided if I wasn't feeling well on race day then I would run the race easy. On Friday night I set out my race day outfit:

Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech Racerback
Lululemon Speed Shorts
Garmin and Mizunos

My coach sent me a race strategy: start off at a moderate pace and end at a hard pace. I didn't know what to expect since the race is both short and long at the same time. That may not make sense but you don't really pace a 10k since it is only 6 miles.

I showed up to the race, got my bib, warmed up, then we had instructions before the start. I didn't run with music. It was definitely not an easy race. During a half marathon I can kind of pace out each three miles or so but during this race I just pushed myself to run faster, have a longer stride, and focus on the finish. 

It was a small race with about ten other people racing the 10k with me. The course was out and back two times. I ended up being the first one finished with a time of 41:16. My average pace was 6:54 per mile.

It was a good race and it was fun to try a different distance! 


  1. Awesome job Sara!! So fast! I know what you mean about 10k - it's a weird distance, but I really like it! And Hunter's comment ^^ too cute :)

    1. Thanks Leigha!! Yes it is but I like it too! Haha I agree :)

  2. 1) I'm back! 2) Can't wait to catch up on your blog 3) Congratulations on a spectacularly speedy 10k 4) Happy Easter!

    1. YAY! This makes me so happy. I am behind on blog commenting for this week so I need to catch up with everyone. Thanks Madelynne! Happy Easter!


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