My Swim, Bike, and Run Must Haves

April 16, 2014

I was swimming laps last week and I kept having to wipe my goggles from them fogging up. Then I thought.. I might need to buy some new ones. I also noticed my swimsuit is three years old. I realized the answer is obvious- I need to go shopping. These are a few things on my wish list to buy in the next few weeks:

I have seen those types of swimsuits and I want one from the same brand. My current swimsuit is Speedo endurance.

The goggles are the TYR nest pro goggles that are supposed to be anti-fog and fit different facial types. I was reading a blog who talked about her favorite goggles that she found after trial and error. The main problems I have with my goggles are fogging, marks under my eyes, and a headache from them being too tight even when I loosen them. I found this pair with positive reviews.

I read that it is a good idea to have a clear pair of goggles for when swimming outdoors on a cloudy day or in an indoor pool and having a dark pair of goggles for swimming outdoors on a sunny day. Both of these are for protecting the eyes.

I also want new running shoes. My Mizunos are okay for now but it is almost time for new ones. I usually buy blue running shoes. In January I needed a new pair since the ones I had were hurting my feet. I had a week before my race and wanted a pink pair but I ended up buying -- these -- because they were the only ones the store had and I wouldn't have had time to order. Now I have time and I am definitely getting pink.

Right when I tell my coach I am tired of cycling, Lululemon comes out with the cutest cycling jersey. Maybe I need to add cycling back to my training plans just to wear that jersey?
I have done my research and now I am ready to hit the stores.


  1. Nest pro goggles are the best! No eye circles ever. And, to keep from fogging use Johnson's baby shampoo… works ever time :) That lulu jersey is on my list, too!

    1. That is so great! Usually I walk out of the gym with dark eye circles because my goggles are so tight. I can't wait to try these out. That's what my sister said too! I will have to try it. Thanks Erin! Yes it's super cute!!

  2. When I saw a photo of you in your running shoes I noticed you tied your shoes the standard way. You might be interested in trying this; especially if you have experienced any slipping in your heels.



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