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April 3, 2014

I love riding my bike! I got it in January and ever since then I have been practicing how to properly ride it and get ready for my first triathlon that is in three weeks (!!). However, I live in the city/ a busy area. I can't really ride my bike along the road so I hook it up to my trainer. 

There are two things that work to keep the bike in place- the trainer and the riser. 

When I was first setting my bike up I had no idea what I was doing. There was no resistance and I could not figure out how to work it. After a face-time call with my sister, Anna, I was able to learn the proper way to put it together. 

The front of the tire stays locked in the riser. I have heard some people use a stack of magazines but you just want it to be in line. The trainer is very convenient and super easy to set up. Those are the only two items I use for my training. 

This weekend is my brick workout of a bike plus run. I am hoping to ride outside with my dad for the biking part. I can't wait for outdoor cycling but for now I have settled with enjoying the trainer. 


  1. I always wondered how those worked! Neat! Hopefully you'll get to bike outside :)

  2. What type of trainer do you have, and do you have any tips for picking one out? I am very tempted to put one on my birthday list!

    1. I have Cyclops! It isn't the high end one but the one that runs around $350. It works perfectly. There are a lot out there, you can also check on Amazon.


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