Week Recap: March 2nd- March 8th

March 8, 2014

Another training week done! I have two more weeks until my next half marathon and I am ready to go! I have my outfit picked out and everything. This week was pretty busy but it is now officially spring break! Let's get on with the recap:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Easy run

50 minutes at 8:44 pace before class. It was 28 degrees, 28 DEGREES, when I went running. I couldn't feel my legs. Or face. 

Tuesday: Cycle + Run + Strength training

You can read more about it -- here
30 minutes of cycling, 20 minutes of running, 20 minutes of weights

Wednesday: Tempo run

I went to class, had a smoothie pick me up after lunch, then did my run in the afternoon. I had a tempo run to do with 30 minutes in the middle of the workout to run at a hard pace. My average pace was 7:28. I had orchestra rehearsal later that evening. 

peanut butter, chocolate, and banana is the best.

Thursday: Cross train + Strength train

I went to the gym for a 30 minute swim.

200m warm up
6 sets of: 1x 50m, 1x 100m
200m cool down

When I got home I did my own strength training routine for 30 minutes. 
My mom bought me some cycling shorts! How she knew they would fit perfectly, I have no idea. But they are great and I can't wait for Tuesday's cycling.
Then later that evening I went to Bible study after work. 

Friday: Easy Run

I finished my run in the morning, went to class, then it was girls night! A few girls from Bible study went downtown for dinner to some food trucks. Oh and burgers and beignets are perfect fueling for long runs ;)

Saturday: Long run

10 miles this morning at 8.50 pace. Now it's taper time for my half marathon in two weeks! 

This week was:
5.53 hours of training
27.48 miles of running


  1. You're so speedy!! You had a great week of workouts. 28 degrees is warm for me lol! Today I ran in 24 degrees and I was sweating!

  2. Great job this week! Looking forward to hearing about your half! 28 degrees?! My gosh I have never ran in weather that cold. I wouldn't even know how to dress!

    1. Thanks Hailey! I know, right? I haven't either. I just layered everything!


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