Week Recap: February 23rd - March 1st

March 1, 2014

This week was a good week both with training and with other things. First, all of my workouts just "clicked." You know those types of workouts where each one feels good, you feel strong, and you're always looking forward to the next one? I totally understand tempo workouts now! I will post about it next week but I figured out what it means to run by effort and not pace. 

Also, I have really exciting news. I was accepted to be a Fitfluential Ambassador! I sent in my application in the fall of last year and have been waiting so patiently to hear back. A lot of people apply and I was one of those accepted.
Sunday: Rest day

Sleeping in, hanging out with my family, making pizza, and Bible study.

Monday: Easy run

I did my run in the morning, had four classes, then hung out with a friend for the afternoon. 

Tuesday: Cross train + Strength train 

30 minutes on my bike trainer followed by strength training that my sister sent me.

Wednesday: Tempo run

It was cold and raining so I moved my run to the afternoon (even though it was still cold and raining) when I got out of classes at 3pm. 5 miles with a faster pace in the middle. 7:24 average pace for 3 of the miles. Orchestra had off for this week so I got to enjoy girls night with my mom and sister.

Thursday: Cross train + Strength train

I had the day off work and my sister's classes were cancelled. We were able to enjoy our morning making waffles and having coffee.

Then time for cross training. My sister went with me to swim laps. I did longer sets with less of a break in between to build endurance on my swimming. Usually I take about 30-45 second breaks but this time was 10-15 seconds in between. Oh and 8 weeks until my first triathlon!

1300m workout:
1 x 200m warm up
2 x 100m alternating one fast, one recovery
2 x 200m swim
2 x 100m alternating one fast, one recovery
1 x 200m swim
1 x 100m cool down

The gym also has really good food. My sister and I grabbed lunch there. I got chicken quesadillas with a tropical smoothie. And I did my own strength training workout later in the afternoon.

Friday: Easy run

Saturday: Long run

12 miles fit in bright and early this morning with my sister then I went to brunch with some girls from church. So much fun!

This week was:
6.07 hours of training
26.71 miles of running


  1. Big congrats to you, Sara! And, fantastic week of training!

  2. The food at your gym looks delicious! If I went to that gym I'd spend a fortune on smoothies. They always taste better when other people are making them for me, haha. The gym that I use at my university just has vending machines with chocolate milk and candy bars in them. Boo.

    1. Oh my gosh, it is so delicious. I always charge it to the gym card which means my dad pays for it. He's always asking who has spent $70 on food for the week at the gym haha. Aww man. The chocolate milk sounds good at least.


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