Race Day Essentials

March 26, 2014

Normally for race day I pack a bag with items that I may need post race. I pack it the night before and have everything laid out since race mornings I am too nervous to do anything but focus on the race. Sometimes I have a small race where they don't have anything after the race in which I need to bring food and drinks for the drive home but sometimes I have a larger race where I may not need anything but I like to have extra items just in case. These are my race day essentials..

1. Lululemon yoga mat towel- I bring this to use as a seat cover. This avoids any stink either in my car or my dad's car. 

2. Jacket- I am normally cold after races so I also grab a jacket to throw in the bag. 

3. Shoes- I bring both my running shoes and a change of shoes for the car ride home. 

4. Deodorant and anti-chafe- enough said. 

5. Hair bands- I also pack my ring of hair ties because who knows when every single hair tie I bring will break. I bring Gu chomps and other fuel items. 

6. Race day outfit- my race day outfit is laid out the night before. 

7. Wallet- if my dad drives I don't really need my wallet but I pack it anyway. 

8. Ipod

9. Garmin


  1. Girl you are prepared! I usually just bring my race clothes and tennis shoes haha.

  2. I never thought of bringing a towel for the car... My boyfriend will likely be driving me to all of my races this summer and he would not appreciate a sweaty seat. He doesn't even like it when I collapse on our leather couch after a workout to elevate my sore knees. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Haha, that's hilarious. I'm sure he will love the idea too. You're welcome!


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