Garmin 620 Review

March 3, 2014

Ahh, my Garmin. I got my Garmin for Christmas along with the heart rate monitor. I had my previous Garmin for seven years and it was at the end of its little Garmin life. At first I thought running with the heart rate monitor (a little black strap that goes around my chest) would be annoying but now that I have run with it for a few months I am used to it. I have been running with the Garmin 620 for almost three months now and have some favorite parts to it.

The Race Predictor 

I have no idea what a VO2 max is but I know what mine is because Garmin tells me. One of my favorite parts is the Race Predictor from the Garmin knowing my VO2 max. Based on how I am running, it tells me what my predicted race times are for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon. I always try to prove my watch wrong. When I first got it and began training it said my race predictor time of a 1:39 half. My PR at the time was 1:42. I went into my first half marathon of the year wanting to prove it wrong that I could run faster than a 1:39 and I did! I love having that aspect of it.

The Virtual Medals

My second favorite part is the encouragement it sends after I run. When I first ran with it everything was an accomplishment. It shows a little medal on the screen with one of the phrases:

"Fastest mile"
"Fastest 5k" (or 10k, etc.)
"Longest run"

The Recovery Advice 

The watch has a recovery advisor based on how far, how hard, and how long I ran. Sometimes it tells me I have 23 hours until I can run a hard run again and sometimes it says I have 52 hours. I like having that to give me an idea of how easy or hard I should be running.

Those are just a few of the features and maybe I am a little biased because my previous Garmin didn't have any of those aspects, but I think it is the best watch! 


  1. This looks so cool! I have a Polar FT4 but I'd love to get something that goes more in-depth with running and has a GPS built in (I use my phone when I want to track an outdoor run). The only thing I hate about the black HRM strap is that when I'm wearing one of my more supportive sports bras it digs into me and leaves a mark. Boo.

    1. That sounds cool! You should get a Garmin Forerunner 10 :) Those ones are cute and have similar features. Have you tried putting a bandaid over the monitor to stop the digging? Or maybe a different strap?

  2. I am so jealous! This watch looks awesome! I want to upgrade my 610 nowwww

    1. It's so fun :) And the 610 is awesome!! I was deciding between the 610 and 620 but went with the newest version.

  3. Wow, that VO2 Max and race predictor seem awesome! Not that I want my current Garmin to die but that will certainly be one to look at next!

  4. "I have no idea what a VO2 max is but I know what mine is because Garmin tells me" that's hilarious! Haha. I have the 610 and I love it! I'd like to try using a heartrate monitor too. It's so cool how it can predict your race time!

    1. Haha :) Yes, the 610 is awesome!! Did it come with the monitor? Right?! I don't know how accurate it knows these things but it is pretty fun to see what it says.


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