Alamo 13.1 Expo + Race Strategy

March 21, 2014

Race day has come fast!
I went to pick up my race bib and I am all set to go for Sunday!

tote, race number, 13.1 sticker, t-shirt 

I went to the store where the "expo" was at and walked through to grab my race number and other items. It wasn't really an expo because it was inside a store and all you did was walk through to grab your items and leave but it was still fun to pick up my bag.

My coach sent me a new race day strategy to try. At first the stubborn runner in me said no, I just want to race but after talking with my dad and sister about it they both agreed that it will be good for me. I always have to remember that having PRs isn't the important thing this year. My goal race this year is the October marathon where I will try and qualify for Boston. Coach Jenny wants me to focus on pacing and effort rather than time. The strategy is to start slower and end faster. This will help see how much I have left in me at the end of a race and to see if I can learn running on effort.

It is supposed to be raining for race morning (I have never raced in the rain) but I have my race day outfit ready, my race number, and I am all set to race.

Wish me luck!


  1. How exciting! Good Luck, Sara! Can't wait to read the recap! :)

  2. Good luck Sara! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

  3. Oh dear, I couldn't imagine running for 1+ hours and then pushing myself even harder at the end! Best of luck with the race, looking forward to a recap!

    1. I was super nervous about that but it worked out great! Thank you Alysha!!


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