Week Recap: February 1st- February 8th

February 8, 2014

Oh my, (almost) 8 workouts in 6 days. I started off the week feeling strong and then by the time the weekend came I was tired. Going from 10-15 mile weeks to an over 20 mile week is different for me. I think it may just take my body a little time to get used to longer weeks. In addition to swimming, biking, and running, I am working on strength training more. I don't like strength training because I never know what to do but my brother in law sent me some workouts to try this week and that was fun.

Let's move on to the details..

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Easy run

Monday was an easy run before school and stopping to pick up my sweet helmet that matches my bike- I'm so ready for outdoor rides now!

Tuesday: Strength train + Cross train

AM- strength train. 8 hrs of work. PM- cycling. 

Wednesday: Tempo run

School + Bible study. I chose sleeping in and doing my workout in the afternoon over a morning run. It was a good choice. I also took the week off of orchestra and did a little catching up on The Bachelor. I haven't watched it in three weeks?!

Thursday: Strength train + Cross train

I know you were all wondering how my swim went this week, I got a lane without waiting! 1,100 meters finished. That's 500 meters more than I did last week!

4 x 50m warm up 
2 x 50m w/ kick board
2 x 100m swim
1 x 200m swim
8 x 25m alternating hard and easy
2 x 50m swim
1 x 100m cool down swim

I grabbed lunch and a smoothie after my swim then spent three hours running around trying to get paper work done for my nursing application and trying to make it on time to nanny for the evening. By the time 8:00pm rolled around I started my strength training but was too tired to finish (actually my arms really hurt because I got 2 shots and I couldn't lift a dumbbell) so I called it quits.

Strawberry sunrise instead of mocha madness this time. So good. 

Friday: Easy run

Saturday: Long run

I didn't tell you this but last week I messed up my weekend long run. How do you mess up a run, you ask? You misunderstand directions and run way too slow. I made a comeback this week and actually ran my long run at the right speed! 10 miles in the books this week. I felt good but definitely not my strongest run. 

This week was
5.08 hours of training
23.87 miles of running


  1. You are so determined! I really want to get into swimming - it's such a great workout! I'd like to strength train more too. Pretty much all I do is run!

    1. Aww, thanks Leigha! You should. That was the same with me but it's fun to try new workouts. Hope you had a great weekend!


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