Week Recap: February 17th - February 22nd

February 22, 2014

8 workouts in 6 days! It took me a couple weeks to get back in the rhythm of things but I am starting to feel strong again. I felt good the whole week but that is because I have been keeping up with lots of stretching and foam rolling. Also I realized I didn't take many pictures this week..

Monday: Easy run

40 minutes at 9.11 pace.

Tuesday: Cross train + Strength train

30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of strength.
Sporting my tank that I got from a giveaway awhile back.

Wednesday: Tempo run

With all day classes, a speech due, and orchestra rehearsal, I wanted to get my run done early. My mom decided to get up too and run with me. It was a gross foggy morning but I got my tempo run done.

Can I just say this is a good mixture of sweet and salty?

Thursday: Cross train + Strength train

I headed to the gym early for a swim. There were a bunch of people swimming but I got a lane. This one guy next to me had a swim cap that said Ironman 70.3. You sir, are very cool. The above picture is the workout I wanted to do but the time went by too fast.. I only had thirty minutes to swim so I had to cut it short. 1100m swim:

200m warm up
4 x 25m w/ kick board
2 x 200m swim
4 x 25m w/ kick board
1 x 300m cool down

Then I headed back home for strength training. My sister sent me a workout to follow.

This was a really good snack. A blueberry scone plus odwalla juice. I've never had that juice before but I am definitely going to buy some now!

Friday: Easy run

Got in my run early. The rest of the day was: morning conference for class, picking up lunch from the gym, three more classes, work.

Saturday: Progressive run

This was my first progressive run. I feel like I am all over the place with running. I had 4 miles easy, 3 miles moderate, 1 mile hard. I tried to follow effort not pace but then I got a nose bleed and had nothing with me so I ran back home really fast getting all the miles in but having my paces not on point. I'm not sure why running based on effort not pace is so hard for me to get. Ughh.

But shout out to the guy who gave me tissues!

This week was
5.30 hours of training
20.58 miles of running


  1. A bloody nose?! Oh no!! Loving all these workouts! I really want to try swimming, it seems like such a hard but fun thing to do! That Odawalla juice looks super yummy... but I'd rather have the scone! :)

    1. How random, right?! Do it!! Haha, both were super delicious.

  2. You just made me want to go to the story and get M&Ms. Cheeze Its are already a staple in my house! :) I want to incorporate swimming into my cross training - I am just so intimidated by getting into the pool in front of the life guards and any other swimmers! Ugh. Need to get over it.

    1. You have got to try it! I love it. Goldfish and m&ms are also really good together. Swimming is so much fun! I always think of it as working out with other people since I always workout alone.


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