Two Really Good Decisions

February 13, 2014

Yesterday morning I woke up, got dressed for my morning run, then realized I wasn't really in the mood to run. I woke up later than usual and I had a 45 minute run on the schedule. I could either go out for my run and be a little late for the day or I could study then get ready for school and wait until the afternoon to run. It is normally the busiest time of the morning when I do run. I was thinking of running around my neighborhood five times to avoid traffic, rather than my normal running path, which would be boring.

I ended up waiting for after school and I am so glad I did! Rather than 36 degrees, it was 60 degrees out. Shorts and a short sleeved top! Perfect weather and I didn't have to be stuck running in my neighborhood.

Also on Tuesday I got my hair cut off four inches. It had gotten to the point where it was so long that when I ran it would whip around to my face and was really annoying. It feels so much better shorter and no annoying in my face mess either.

Getting my hair cut is always a treat because my hair stylist cuts and curls it. My family and I all make a joke that when we get it cut we have to go out afterwards since we leave looking so much better than when we went in.

Before and After

Training this week is pretty manaegable. It's more of a recovery week which means there are only six workouts to do in six days rather than last week's eight workouts in six days. I am thankful for a down week in training because there is a lot due in school and a busy week with work. 


  1. That's awesome that your listened to your body and ran later! I prefer to do my workout in the morning but it's a lot easier to do it later in the day. Loving the hair!!

    1. I feel like only on Wednesday's it's hard to wake up early, every other day of the week I am good. I don't know what that's about.. haha. I'm definitely a morning person! Thank you!!


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