My Running History: Clothing

February 11, 2014

I first began running seven years ago. I started off running track and cross country in high school with my two sisters. My sisters and I always look back and laugh because we ran in t-shirts and shorts. Along with high school sports I would occasionally run a 5k or half marathon race. I knew nothing about clothing and shoes and accessories and Garmin watches and compression socks. We didn't have the fancy dri fit or expensive tank tops to run in. We didn't care what we ran in because at the time it didn't really matter.

One of my first races in 2009 was a 5k turkey trot with my older sister, Anna. It was cold so I had this genius idea to put leggings on under my shorts. Totally cool. And we are both matching in all black. I guess it wasn't cool to wear bright colors?

Fast forward a few years to 2011 when I ran my first half marathon with my dad and three sisters. I wore a cotton top. Cotton.  This was also a $5 on sale shirt I found at Academy. 

At one of my half marathons last March I wore the same shorts (in the previous photo) from two years earlier, a jacket, and a tank underneath. My brands didn't even match. My younger sister always says to match brands.

In recent years my race clothing has changed by a lot. Rather than an on sale cotton top I find myself buying an expensive LuluLemon tank. One of the best things about racing is putting my race outfits together and matching colors/brands. It is always fun to go shopping and find the perfect race day outfit.

I have tried on Nike and Under Armour but I was never happy with how they fit me. For some reason they fit me really awkward. I am just sold at how girly LuluLemon looks. I enjoy treating myself to new running clothes because I know I will wear them plenty more times.

My most recent half marathon I wore matching brands of all LuluLemon besides my arm warmers which are Nike.

It's funny to see how much my running clothes have changed throughout these past few years but even though the clothes change, my love of running has stayed the same. 


  1. Such a neat post! I try to look cute at races, but ultimately it's about whether or not the clothes will function well for a run!

  2. Haha. I love this post. In 2008, I went for a winter group run in cotton sweat pants and a north face fleece over a cotton hoodie. Such a newbie. Lol. Also, I wish SO BADLY lululemon looked good on me because everything is so cute. I'm a Nike girl all the way :)

    P.S. Always love your race outfits.

    1. Haha! That is so funny. I bet it does! Just like I said the booties would ;) Thanks girl!

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