My First (Semi) Outdoor Ride

February 18, 2014

Okay so I call it semi outdoor because I mainly rode on my trainer and then rode outside for about 8 minutes but hey.. I rode outside!!!

I had thirty minutes of cycling on the schedule for today. I wanted to ride outside for the entire workout but my dad wants to help me with tips and go with me in case something happens. I rode the majority of my workout on my trainer then rode around my neighborhood for the last few minutes. I normally stick to the trainer because I don't have much (or any..) experience riding outside. After asking my dad for his approval to let me ride outside alone and getting his go ahead, I put on my helmet and set off on my bike.

My neighborhood is one mile and I rode around it twice. It was fun but it is also still something that makes me nervous. When I ride on my trainer I put on music and practice changing gears but when I ride outside there is no music and I have to focus on watching out for cars, bumps in the rode, changing gears based on hills, etc. Fun but I need some more practice before my first triathlon.

When I was finished I called my sister to tell her about my experience. My sister and I already have planned that we will do a whole thirty minute bike ride together when I go visit her for spring break. I am so ready to go and can't wait to ride outside with her.

I also had thirty minutes of weight lifting. It wasn't so bad today. I did my own arms, core, and leg routines. I think I am actually... beginning to like this whole strength training thing.

Cross training- check!
Strength training- check!
Now I am off to do my homework and go to work


  1. I LOVE riding my bike outside! Although I mainly ride for pleasure :) so jealous that it's warm enough for you to bike outside!

    1. That is fun!! I know, right?! The weather is back in the 80s and it's perfect!


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