Get rid of 100 things

February 26, 2014

There was a challenge going on a few weeks ago and, while I may be late to join in, I can say I did take part in it! The challenge was to get rid of 100 things. 100 things is a lot but there is always something to get rid of.

I had a bunch of old clothes in my closet that I haven't worn in a few years and I probably wouldn't wear them again. I always have a hard time throwing things out because I think "I may still wear this" but really I won't. I also had a lot of papers in my drawers that needed to be filed away or recycled.

I got busy and organized everything. I made piles of my clothes deciding what I will still wear and what I won't wear. There were a bunch of old tops, jeans, flats, and running shoes that weren't necessary to keep. The clothes that were still good I put in a bag and I will sell it to Plato's closet and the other clothes I am donating.

It feels good to have everything cleaned out! And maybe make room for more ;)

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