Choosing a tri

February 3, 2014

The more I think about my first triathlon, the more excited I get. I have three months to get ready for it. The good thing is that the first one is a short distance. I still have to talk to my coach about adding one or two more into the training plan for the summer but we have one down. I picked out a tri! 

My first triathlon will be on April 26th. A sprint triathlon means that it is a shorter distance. Triathlon season generally starts with shorter distances and the distance increases over time. There are also groups that put on the races who purposefully start with a beginner race and build the distance throughout the course of the season (from April to around September). 

The distance of the race is:

200m swim | 10 mile bike | 2 mile run

There were four triathlons I was looking at. There were different reasons for choosing the race: I wanted to do one sooner rather than later. The one I chose is closer to me- with the race being such a short distance, I don't want to drive three hours for a one hour race. This one is smaller with around a 200 person limit. Less people will be better. And my sister told me to start with this one. 

Right now I am working on getting comfortable with my bike. I am riding indoors on my trainer practicing changing gears. During spring break my sister, Anna, and I have already figured out that I will visit her and then we can ride bikes together outside. 

There are a few things I need to get together. Such as bike shorts. Last time I went looking for bike shorts it was an unsuccessful trip. I am hoping to find some soon but as I am riding only 30 minutes one day a week it isn't something super necessary right now. I also need a helmet but my sister is giving me her old one. Anna and I also talked about going to find a tri kit for me while I visit her.

I can't wait! 


  1. So excited to hear more about your tri! I was going to do one last year but I hadn't trained at all and it ended up being freezing that day. I really want to do one soon! I like how you're starting with a shorter distance - totally doable yet still an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Great job getting used to the bike! I tried on a bunch of bike shorts at a bike shop and found some that are really comfortable for me. I love them! But tri shorts are different - less padding - so I use those for most of my indoor and outdoor cycling to get used to them before race day.

    1. Awesome! What brand did you get? I am looking at Pearl Izumi, any opinions? Thanks for the tip! I was thinking bike shorts to train in and a tri kit to race in.


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