Get rid of 100 things

February 26, 2014

There was a challenge going on a few weeks ago and, while I may be late to join in, I can say I did take part in it! The challenge was to get rid of 100 things. 100 things is a lot but there is always something to get rid of.

I had a bunch of old clothes in my closet that I haven't worn in a few years and I probably wouldn't wear them again. I always have a hard time throwing things out because I think "I may still wear this" but really I won't. I also had a lot of papers in my drawers that needed to be filed away or recycled.

I got busy and organized everything. I made piles of my clothes deciding what I will still wear and what I won't wear. There were a bunch of old tops, jeans, flats, and running shoes that weren't necessary to keep. The clothes that were still good I put in a bag and I will sell it to Plato's closet and the other clothes I am donating.

It feels good to have everything cleaned out! And maybe make room for more ;)

How To: Make Training Fun

February 25, 2014

Training is so much fun! Other people may not agree. One of my friends said that "training takes too much time" so she doesn't run any more. It does take a lot of time and you have to put effort into training each day. There will be days where you have a runners high and love it but there are some days that training is not so fun. In the end it will all be worth it.

Finishing 14, 16, and 20 miles. So much excitement! 

During my last marathon training cycle I trained hard each day. Then, after months of this, training became a chore, something I had to do to cross off my to-do list for that day. I also had a really hard semester so that played into how I trained. I am back into training again and loving every minute of it. But I know some days the excitement dwindles. Such as 10pm the other night when I forgot I had flexibility to work on so I was half asleep trying to foam roll. I have some tips (more for me) but that may help other people too.

Remember why you are training.

Maybe it is so you can cross a race off your bucket list or so that you can PR in a race. Whatever the reason is, there has to be a reason you wanted to run, train each day, and look forward to the finish line.

I trained for five months to prove to myself that I am capable of running a distance that I thought was impossible.

Treat yourself.

Get a manicure, get a facial, buy $100 worth of new running clothing, get a smoothie, stay up a little later than normal, just go treat yourself for whatever reason you may have (finishing all workouts for the week, finishing a hard run, etc.)

Workout with a friend.

With my schedule and training plan I am not able to workout with others. My favorite workout is swimming because it is the one day of the week I "workouts with others". Although I am not really swimming with other people, there are usually a few other people in the pool swimming laps.

Focus on the finish line but also go day to day.

In my calendar each week I would write encouragement to myself. I took training as it came. I would focus on crossing the finish line and thinking about how fun it will be but I also trained as each day came and made sure to not to become overwhelmed with how many hours worth of training or how many miles I had to get in that week.

Have fun.

All of these things are ways to make it fun but if you aren't having fun then it won't be fun.

Go check this out...

February 24, 2014

Ashleigh asked me to guest post for her as she moves into her new place this week. I am sending you her way for today. You can find my guest post -- here. I wrote 13 things on what I have learned about running through training and through races.


Week Recap: February 17th - February 22nd

February 22, 2014

8 workouts in 6 days! It took me a couple weeks to get back in the rhythm of things but I am starting to feel strong again. I felt good the whole week but that is because I have been keeping up with lots of stretching and foam rolling. Also I realized I didn't take many pictures this week..

Monday: Easy run

40 minutes at 9.11 pace.

Tuesday: Cross train + Strength train

30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of strength.
Sporting my tank that I got from a giveaway awhile back.

Wednesday: Tempo run

With all day classes, a speech due, and orchestra rehearsal, I wanted to get my run done early. My mom decided to get up too and run with me. It was a gross foggy morning but I got my tempo run done.

Can I just say this is a good mixture of sweet and salty?

Thursday: Cross train + Strength train

I headed to the gym early for a swim. There were a bunch of people swimming but I got a lane. This one guy next to me had a swim cap that said Ironman 70.3. You sir, are very cool. The above picture is the workout I wanted to do but the time went by too fast.. I only had thirty minutes to swim so I had to cut it short. 1100m swim:

200m warm up
4 x 25m w/ kick board
2 x 200m swim
4 x 25m w/ kick board
1 x 300m cool down

Then I headed back home for strength training. My sister sent me a workout to follow.

This was a really good snack. A blueberry scone plus odwalla juice. I've never had that juice before but I am definitely going to buy some now!

Friday: Easy run

Got in my run early. The rest of the day was: morning conference for class, picking up lunch from the gym, three more classes, work.

Saturday: Progressive run

This was my first progressive run. I feel like I am all over the place with running. I had 4 miles easy, 3 miles moderate, 1 mile hard. I tried to follow effort not pace but then I got a nose bleed and had nothing with me so I ran back home really fast getting all the miles in but having my paces not on point. I'm not sure why running based on effort not pace is so hard for me to get. Ughh.

But shout out to the guy who gave me tissues!

This week was
5.30 hours of training
20.58 miles of running

Three Things I've Learned Since Hiring A Coach

February 20, 2014

My older sister hired a coach last year to help her train for her half ironman and now for her full ironman. She loves having a coach. She encouraged me to get one but for a while I was skeptical and thought I didn't really need a coach. I mean, I trained for five months on my own and was able to run a marathon (not perfectly though). Starting late January I looked up training plans for my upcoming races. I have a triathlon, 2 half marathons, and a 10k within the next few months. I found one for a sprint triathlon, I found one for half marathons, but I didn't know how to organize everything.

When do I start running long distances again?
What if I'm not ready to start with a 10 mile run?
When do I train for another marathon or try to qualify for Boston?
Do I workout twice a day?
How do I train for 13.1 + a tri?

(Insert unnecessary stress)

So I hired a coach and she helped me organize everything. Coach Jenny is great. She has given me tips and answers all my questions. Here are three main things I have learned that I am working on improving.

Only because I don't like posts without pictures.
Here's one of my watch. We spend a lot of time together.

1. An "easy run" is not necessarily easy..

On my first long run my coach told me to run easy.

        Okay, so like really easy, 10 minute pace easy??

Yeah, no. The point of an easy run is to run conversationally but not necessarily slow. If my race pace is 7:00- 7:30s then my easy run should be around an 8:50- 9:00 pace. We are working on running faster at an easier effort. Get it?

2. Tempo running isn't about pace

Tempo running is about effort and building a threshold for races. I am bad at tempo running. I still don't know how to run based on effort than pace but I also have only had two tempo runs so far. I am working on running for effort rather than watching my Garmin.

3. Strength training is more important than cross training

Okay so that is just my opinion. Here is my reasoning. Tuesday's and Thursday's are cross training and strength training days. I do 30 minutes worth of a strength workout then I do 30 minutes worth of cross training (which is riding my bike or swimming laps). There will be some weeks (like last week) where I only have strength training to do. I am pretty sure that means strength training is more important. Which also means I need to do better at it.

The end.

My First (Semi) Outdoor Ride

February 18, 2014

Okay so I call it semi outdoor because I mainly rode on my trainer and then rode outside for about 8 minutes but hey.. I rode outside!!!

I had thirty minutes of cycling on the schedule for today. I wanted to ride outside for the entire workout but my dad wants to help me with tips and go with me in case something happens. I rode the majority of my workout on my trainer then rode around my neighborhood for the last few minutes. I normally stick to the trainer because I don't have much (or any..) experience riding outside. After asking my dad for his approval to let me ride outside alone and getting his go ahead, I put on my helmet and set off on my bike.

My neighborhood is one mile and I rode around it twice. It was fun but it is also still something that makes me nervous. When I ride on my trainer I put on music and practice changing gears but when I ride outside there is no music and I have to focus on watching out for cars, bumps in the rode, changing gears based on hills, etc. Fun but I need some more practice before my first triathlon.

When I was finished I called my sister to tell her about my experience. My sister and I already have planned that we will do a whole thirty minute bike ride together when I go visit her for spring break. I am so ready to go and can't wait to ride outside with her.

I also had thirty minutes of weight lifting. It wasn't so bad today. I did my own arms, core, and leg routines. I think I am actually... beginning to like this whole strength training thing.

Cross training- check!
Strength training- check!
Now I am off to do my homework and go to work

Strength Training Workout

February 17, 2014

It is very important for runners to strength train. There are numerous reasons of why all the running websites tell runners to strength train: builds muscle, makes you stronger and faster, prevents injury, etc. I usually just look up strength training workouts off of Google or do the workouts my brother in law and older sister send me. This is one of the workouts they sent me last week with explanations.

Warm up: 

Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes of dynamic stretches, jump rope, squats and lunges without weights to warm up your legs, etc.

Strength: 5 x 5 deadlift

This can be done with a weight or a bar. 5 sets of 5 reps. Tips I found online for proper technique:
"Don’t arch your back or roll it in the other direction. Keep your abs tight the entire time and keep your back straight. Keep the bar as close to you as possible. Keep your head up and chest out as you lift. This will help you keep your back aligned properly. As you bring the weight up, you want your legs to straighten out simultaneously as your hips come in completely. Form a straight line at the same time with your hips, knees and feet." 
Workout of the day: Burpees and squats

Every minute on the minute do 4 burpees then as many squats as you can get in during that minute. When I did this last week I got in about 20-25 squats each minute so I did the set five times to reach 100 squats in all.

Also include a cool down of static stretching. Another idea of cross training workouts I posted here. 

Week Recap: February 10th - February 16th

February 16, 2014

There were no swimming or biking workouts included in this week's training which I was a little bummed about. Those are my two favorite activities lately. I love riding my bike on the trainer and swimming laps at the pool because it is so much fun! It was more of a recovery week but since my workouts haven't been that hard or long lately I didn't really want the down week.. 

A few of my favorite things from the week:

The little boys I nanny for gave me a Valentine's card ///  4 inches gone from my hair
The weather has been so nice (in the 70s and 80s!!) ///  I made chocolate covered strawberries

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Easy run

45 minutes at a 9.09 pace.

Tuesday: Strength train  

I followed a workout that my brother in law sent me that made me sooore. 

Wednesday: Easy run

I ran in the afternoon and kind of got ahead of myself... I ran an 8:08 pace for over five miles. My coach said "easy." Oops. Way too fast but I was feeling good!

Thursday: Strength train

I finished up more paper work for nursing school and waited at the doctor's for an hour and a half for them to fill out some forms. Since I was waiting so long I read until the doctor came in which took forever... But really good book!

The rest of the day included picking up my sister from school, going to get ice cream, and then working out later in the evening. My sister put together a strength training workout for us to do together.

Friday: Easy Run

30 minute run at a 9.00 pace.

Valentine's Day was a happy day. I got up early to finish my easy run, went to school, then came home to flowers that my mom had bought for my sister and I, new Lululemon tank and headband, heart shaped brownies, and a bracelet I had ordered came in! I spent the evening with my family making pizza and watching a movie.

Saturday: Long Run

11 miles at 8.48 pace done with a running buddy and without music.

Sunday: Rest day

Sunday's are usually my only days off of everything (aka sleep in days) but I missed orchestra last week and I had to work late last night so I moved playing orchestra/ going to church for this morning.

This week was:
4.37 hours of training
24.77 miles of running

Happy Valentine's Day, Running.

February 14, 2014

It's only right to talk about running on Valentine's day. During my morning run on Monday it wasn't necessarily perfect running weather. It was cold, lightly raining, and windy but the whole run I was paying attention to my breathing and listening to the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. I never thought for a moment about the weather just about how good it felt to run. But then there are runs like Wednesday where I wake up early, get dressed to run but end up not running because I was too tired or my legs hurt too much. There are good days and there are bad days but no matter what type of run it may be, I set my alarm clock most mornings to get up early and run. I spend a lot of money on running and I spend a lot of time running. I can't help it, I love running.

1. I run for the awards. 

What can I say? It is really nice to have all of my hard work pay off on race day when I win age group awards or first place medals.

2. I run so I can write about it.

I really enjoy writing about running and reading other runners stories about running. It brings a lot of motivation and inspiration from reading other's writings and reading my own writing. 

The beginning stages of Run Sara Run
3. I run to be fast.

I always thought of myself as an okay runner. In high school I wasn't one of the fastest girls. Or so I told myself so I didn't push myself in practices or races. My first half marathon was a 1:55 and I never would have thought I would be in the 1:30s. Only recently when I PR'd my half marathon time I realized I want to keep pushing myself to see how much faster I can be.

4. I run because I love the running community.

Giving high-fives to other runners during a race. Being totally comfortable running a race all by myself because I know I will meet someone to run with during the race. My Instagram is mainly running friends who I don't even know but we all "like" each others pictures because we all love the same thing. The running community is great!

5. I run for the cool gear.

What is a better excuse for spending so much money on shoes every month, gear, watches, etc.?

6. I run because I LOVE it. 

Running in the rain or sun, in the early mornings or late afternoons, whether it is a good run or bad run, I think I will always love running.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Two Really Good Decisions

February 13, 2014

Yesterday morning I woke up, got dressed for my morning run, then realized I wasn't really in the mood to run. I woke up later than usual and I had a 45 minute run on the schedule. I could either go out for my run and be a little late for the day or I could study then get ready for school and wait until the afternoon to run. It is normally the busiest time of the morning when I do run. I was thinking of running around my neighborhood five times to avoid traffic, rather than my normal running path, which would be boring.

I ended up waiting for after school and I am so glad I did! Rather than 36 degrees, it was 60 degrees out. Shorts and a short sleeved top! Perfect weather and I didn't have to be stuck running in my neighborhood.

Also on Tuesday I got my hair cut off four inches. It had gotten to the point where it was so long that when I ran it would whip around to my face and was really annoying. It feels so much better shorter and no annoying in my face mess either.

Getting my hair cut is always a treat because my hair stylist cuts and curls it. My family and I all make a joke that when we get it cut we have to go out afterwards since we leave looking so much better than when we went in.

Before and After

Training this week is pretty manaegable. It's more of a recovery week which means there are only six workouts to do in six days rather than last week's eight workouts in six days. I am thankful for a down week in training because there is a lot due in school and a busy week with work. 

Valentine's Day Gifts For Runners

February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine's week! 

The holiday is almost here and these are a few gift ideas I put together for the special runner in your life. They also range in price depending on your budget. From recovery tools (the lacrosse ball) to some new running shoes, there is something here for everyone. 

One: Lacrosse ball $0.99  || Two: New running shoes $115

Three: Water bottle $28 || Four: Running headband $14

Five: Race medal hanger $48  || Six: Compression sleeves $45

My Running History: Clothing

February 11, 2014

I first began running seven years ago. I started off running track and cross country in high school with my two sisters. My sisters and I always look back and laugh because we ran in t-shirts and shorts. Along with high school sports I would occasionally run a 5k or half marathon race. I knew nothing about clothing and shoes and accessories and Garmin watches and compression socks. We didn't have the fancy dri fit or expensive tank tops to run in. We didn't care what we ran in because at the time it didn't really matter.

One of my first races in 2009 was a 5k turkey trot with my older sister, Anna. It was cold so I had this genius idea to put leggings on under my shorts. Totally cool. And we are both matching in all black. I guess it wasn't cool to wear bright colors?

Fast forward a few years to 2011 when I ran my first half marathon with my dad and three sisters. I wore a cotton top. Cotton.  This was also a $5 on sale shirt I found at Academy. 

At one of my half marathons last March I wore the same shorts (in the previous photo) from two years earlier, a jacket, and a tank underneath. My brands didn't even match. My younger sister always says to match brands.

In recent years my race clothing has changed by a lot. Rather than an on sale cotton top I find myself buying an expensive LuluLemon tank. One of the best things about racing is putting my race outfits together and matching colors/brands. It is always fun to go shopping and find the perfect race day outfit.

I have tried on Nike and Under Armour but I was never happy with how they fit me. For some reason they fit me really awkward. I am just sold at how girly LuluLemon looks. I enjoy treating myself to new running clothes because I know I will wear them plenty more times.

My most recent half marathon I wore matching brands of all LuluLemon besides my arm warmers which are Nike.

It's funny to see how much my running clothes have changed throughout these past few years but even though the clothes change, my love of running has stayed the same. 

Leggings I Love

February 10, 2014

I love leggings. I have been wearing them a lot lately during my runs because of the cooler weather. I also wear them to sleep, to yoga, and around the house. My favorite pair is my newest pair from Lululemon because they are light weight but still warm.

Whether you are headed to yoga or headed out on a run, you can't go wrong with leggings. These are a few of my favorite pairs. I normally stick with Lululemon. They fit me right and are super comfortable. Black is my go-to color for leggings since I pair them with bright tanks and tops.

1. Lululemon- Cut the crop  

3. Lululemon- Runday crop

5. Lululemon- Pace queen tight

6. Lululemon- Wunder under pant

Week Recap: February 1st- February 8th

February 8, 2014

Oh my, (almost) 8 workouts in 6 days. I started off the week feeling strong and then by the time the weekend came I was tired. Going from 10-15 mile weeks to an over 20 mile week is different for me. I think it may just take my body a little time to get used to longer weeks. In addition to swimming, biking, and running, I am working on strength training more. I don't like strength training because I never know what to do but my brother in law sent me some workouts to try this week and that was fun.

Let's move on to the details..

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Easy run

Monday was an easy run before school and stopping to pick up my sweet helmet that matches my bike- I'm so ready for outdoor rides now!

Tuesday: Strength train + Cross train

AM- strength train. 8 hrs of work. PM- cycling. 

Wednesday: Tempo run

School + Bible study. I chose sleeping in and doing my workout in the afternoon over a morning run. It was a good choice. I also took the week off of orchestra and did a little catching up on The Bachelor. I haven't watched it in three weeks?!

Thursday: Strength train + Cross train

I know you were all wondering how my swim went this week, I got a lane without waiting! 1,100 meters finished. That's 500 meters more than I did last week!

4 x 50m warm up 
2 x 50m w/ kick board
2 x 100m swim
1 x 200m swim
8 x 25m alternating hard and easy
2 x 50m swim
1 x 100m cool down swim

I grabbed lunch and a smoothie after my swim then spent three hours running around trying to get paper work done for my nursing application and trying to make it on time to nanny for the evening. By the time 8:00pm rolled around I started my strength training but was too tired to finish (actually my arms really hurt because I got 2 shots and I couldn't lift a dumbbell) so I called it quits.

Strawberry sunrise instead of mocha madness this time. So good. 

Friday: Easy run

Saturday: Long run

I didn't tell you this but last week I messed up my weekend long run. How do you mess up a run, you ask? You misunderstand directions and run way too slow. I made a comeback this week and actually ran my long run at the right speed! 10 miles in the books this week. I felt good but definitely not my strongest run. 

This week was
5.08 hours of training
23.87 miles of running

Friday Favorites

February 7, 2014

It's Friday! I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures for some of my favorite things this week.

|| O N E

I survived my speech on Monday! I was super nervous for it and I probably talked way too fast but I am finished with speech number one (of five...) and that's all that matters!

|| T W O 

Last week when I went to the gym to swim laps it was the busiest time of day and I waited 15 minutes for a lane. When I went on Thursday morning no one was there for the entire time I was swimming. It was definitely nice to have the pool to myself so I didn't have to rush through my workout. 1,100 meters finished! 

|| T H R E E

All of the items Anna gave to me! I can't wait for some outdoor riding now that I have a helmet.

|| F O U R

It has been cold these past couple of days. The other morning there was "snow" outside! I have never seen snow so I count this as snow. Maybe no one wanted to swim laps since it was cold??

|| F I V E

My day started off pretty crazy (and early). I was late to class and missed a quiz, didn't feel well (I think I'm losing my voice?!), it was really cold and icy outside, and I just wanted to be home. Since I had a busy week I wanted to treat myself to a Whole Foods juice. I was headed home, disappointed that I never had a chance to pick some up. When I got home my mom and sister surprised me- they bought me juice!! It made my day!

Have a great Friday!

Tempo running.

February 6, 2014

One of the hardest things for me is running easy. In fact, on the form I submitted to my coach one of the questions was: Which is harder for you- running hard or running easy. And my answer was running easy. I just like to run fast! I do know the importance of not taking every single run fast and taking certain runs slower than the others. But this post isn't about an easy run, it is about a fast run.

Yesterday I had my first tempo run in quite awhile. I haven't really ran fast in a few weeks so I was ready to get out there and see what my legs had in them. I was also having one of those days where I didn't want to think, I just wanted to run so I wrote down my workout on my arm in case I forgot what was next.

I had two sets of 10 minutes fast, 2 minutes recovery. My fast sets were 10 minutes long which means it wasn't a full sprint but it was keeping up a fast pace. 

first set -- 6.50 pace. 
second set -- 7.28 pace.

I had to watch myself because my first set I was getting down to a 6 minute mile and I didn't want to go way too fast and not be able to keep up on the second set. I definitely felt it coming back on the second set as it was cold, windy, and I was running uphill. While I wish it was negative splits, I will take those paces. 

I am off to the gym. Hopefully I get a lane this time. 

New Things & A Slight Change In Goals

February 4, 2014

My sister sent down some bike gear that goes to her old bike (the one I now have). I was really excited when I went to pick it up yesterday! Here is what she sent:

1. Bike bag

This goes on the stem of the bike seat. I don't even know what the things are called that are inside of that bag but I do know that they fix flats.

2. Helmet

Remember the helmet I was talking about yesterday that my sister let me have? This is it! Plus, it matches the bike.

3. Lacrosse ball

Aw, she included a lacrosse ball! That's so sweet. I texted her asking if it was right since we already have one (for recovery) and she told me it was an accident. Thanks for the gift sister! ;)

4. Clip ins

This year I just want to do one triathlon since my main focus is on the marathon in October. But if I start doing more triathlons I have these clip ins that replace the baskets on my bike. I would have to buy certain shoes that go into these.

I made up my original 26 before 26 goal saying that I would run multiple half marathons per year in order to complete the goal by the time I turn 26. Last year I made this goal and planned on running six half marathons per year which seemed possible. However, I didn't plan on running as fast as I can on each one. Sure, I can run six half marathons per year, but what I really want to do is train hard for each race and not just run as many races as I can each year.

So... the change. I am still keeping my goal of running 26 races before I turn 26 but I am changing it to 26 races in general (10ks, 10 milers, 20 milers, marathons, beginner triathlons, etc.) rather than keep it to one distance of the half marathon. Why did I write all of this on just a goal? It makes me feel better.

I also bought this really cool app (the one that lets me edit and write on photos) that I have already over used in just two days.

That is all.

Choosing a tri

February 3, 2014

The more I think about my first triathlon, the more excited I get. I have three months to get ready for it. The good thing is that the first one is a short distance. I still have to talk to my coach about adding one or two more into the training plan for the summer but we have one down. I picked out a tri! 

My first triathlon will be on April 26th. A sprint triathlon means that it is a shorter distance. Triathlon season generally starts with shorter distances and the distance increases over time. There are also groups that put on the races who purposefully start with a beginner race and build the distance throughout the course of the season (from April to around September). 

The distance of the race is:

200m swim | 10 mile bike | 2 mile run

There were four triathlons I was looking at. There were different reasons for choosing the race: I wanted to do one sooner rather than later. The one I chose is closer to me- with the race being such a short distance, I don't want to drive three hours for a one hour race. This one is smaller with around a 200 person limit. Less people will be better. And my sister told me to start with this one. 

Right now I am working on getting comfortable with my bike. I am riding indoors on my trainer practicing changing gears. During spring break my sister, Anna, and I have already figured out that I will visit her and then we can ride bikes together outside. 

There are a few things I need to get together. Such as bike shorts. Last time I went looking for bike shorts it was an unsuccessful trip. I am hoping to find some soon but as I am riding only 30 minutes one day a week it isn't something super necessary right now. I also need a helmet but my sister is giving me her old one. Anna and I also talked about going to find a tri kit for me while I visit her.

I can't wait! 

Week Recap: January 27th - February 1st

February 1, 2014

I am getting back into the swing of things. I started off the week doing my own workouts until I had my training plan uploaded online. It was uploaded on Wednesday night so I started on Thursday morning. I am so liking this whole coaching thing. Sorry, but you may be hearing that a lot now. I just love it! Having someone keep me accountable, encourage me, and keep me focused is the best thing!

On Saturday night after church my family and I decided to go out to eat. We grabbed burgers and ice cream (hey, that sounds familiar) then walked around the outdoor mall. Sunday was spent relaxing and getting caught up on school stuff and things needed to be done around the house.

Monday: 30 minute easy run

Tuesday: Indoor cycling (30 minutes)

Wednesday: Rest day

School + Bible study + orchestra rehearsal. I was going to do a short run when I got home but Face- timing my sister sounded so much better.

Thursday: Strength training + swimming

I thought the early afternoon would be a good time to swim laps but I was wrong. Every lane was taken and three people were waiting for lanes before me. I didn't have to wait long but I am noting that early afternoon is a bad time to swim laps. What is it with the gym pool being so popular?!

600m swim workout (beginner workout I found online):

100m warmup
4 x 50m
4 x 25m
2 x 50m
100m cool down

Friday: Easy run

Easy run before school with my mom.

Saturday: Long run

8 miles done this morning. I felt really good! I took gatorade chews this time rather than Gu chomps and they didn't make my stomach hurt- yes!

This week was:
4 hours of training
14.2 miles of running
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