Welcome Home, Little Blue!

January 21, 2014

Everyone, everyone! Stop what you're doing! Guess what I just got... 


When someone gets their first road bike it is a very exciting day. When a runner gets their first road bike it is also very exciting with a mix of emotions. Runners belong on the road, not on a bike. But the day has finally arrived where I am able to get on! I have been looking at road bikes for a few months now but had been debating whether or not to purchase one. I wasn't sure how serious I would be about doing triathlons and I didn't want to fork over $1000 on a bike that would be raced a few times a year.

Like I said in another post, this is actually my older sister's bike. She had this road bike for a few years completing numerous triathlons and a half ironman with it. She is looking forward to completing a full ironman later this year and was offered a sweet deal to upgrade into a triathlon bike.

The store replaced different parts to this bike and it is still in great condition. My dad and Anna talked about selling it to me and I didn't take a second to think about it. Here's the money, yes I want it. The only problem.. I haven't been on a bike in years. Sure I rode a bike all my childhood and sure I have been to cycle class numerous times where the gears are located in one knob on the front of the bike but a road bike..

When we got the bike, the seat was high so I couldn't get on it. I just left it in my room (what? It's too pretty to be outside). Yesterday I asked my dad to fit me on the bike and then wanted to ride around the neighborhood. He wanted me to get on the trainer first to fit me. Am I supposed to be bending all the way forward? And he wanted to show me how to change the gears depending on if I am riding up or down a hill. What gears? When he showed me all the handles switching all the gears up and down while I had to keep pedaling I was a little overwhelmed. I thought I would just get the bike, sign up for an outdoor cycle club, and ride along.

Uhh... what am I doing?

Oh well, I am one step closer to following my next dream- becoming a triathlete.

Welcome home, little blue!


  1. Very cool, congrats! How fun, I look forward to hearing as you get ready to become a Triathlete!!

    1. Thanks! I'm super excited! Training starts as soon as I recover from my race ;) but I am so ready to start training for this new sport!

  2. How exciting! I think getting into triathlons will be my goal for next year!

  3. New bike day is the best day! So excited for you!

    1. New bike day is so fun!! I can't wait to hop on and start riding!


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