[Re]Naming My Bike

January 24, 2014

Due to "hazardous conditions" it is a "snow" day which meant I didn't have to go to class. I chose the perfect weekend to run a race since I only went to school one day. Those are all in quotations because there is definitely not snow outside or else I would be out there.

This morning before breakfast, my sister and I were looking at Pinterest when we found a recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes. Usually recipes off Pinterest don't turn out the way they should but they were very good. Definitely not healthy, but good.

Besides a little yoga (literally like 15 minutes), I have been enjoying all my rest days this week. Today I decided to do a little spin out on my bike practicing changing gears, making the resistance harder and easier, standing in the saddle, etc.

I had to rename my bike. I thought of a name for my bike (Little Fierce) but upon realization that my sister already has that nickname (hers is Kathy Fierce) I needed to quickly change it. My older sister had named this bike little blue. I am sticking with little blue.

I love this thing.


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