2014 Goals

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Last year I made a list of six fitness goals I wanted to complete. I completed four of the six goals which is pretty good considering I took off six months of racing to focus on training for my first marathon. Here is my list of last years goals:

  • Run at least 4 half marathons [well, three were completed] 
  • Compete in at least one duathlon [didn't do]
  • Run a double half marathon [yeaaaaahh.. no]
  • Complete an 18 mile run [finished!]
  • Complete a 20 mile run [finished!]
  • Finish 26.2 [finished!]

My goals for this year are similar, with an addition of a few:
  • Run another 26.2
  • Run a double half marathon
  • Complete a triathlon 
  • Run at least five half marathons 
  • Run another race besides a half marathon or full marathon
I'm ready for this new year of new races and new PRs. 

Up next, I am working on finding the perfect running outfit for my half marathon in EIGHTEEN DAYS. I'm so excited for this race: an all women's chocolate themed half marathon. I don't know what gets better than that. And I have some really exciting news to share this weekend! Stay tuned! 


  1. Wait.... all women and CHOCOLATE?! This is the coolest race ever!

    1. Yes!! I'm wondering why I have never heard of it before. It sounds way to cool to not be posted about every where.

  2. You had an awesome 2013, and I know even bigger things are ahead for 2014 :) Excited to watch you run your way to some PRs! There's a chocolate themed half around here, too, where they had out chocolate bars at the end :)

    1. Thank you Erin!! Oh that sounds awesome! Are you going to run it?


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