Cocoa Women's half marathon: Week Five

January 11, 2014

Another training week down! I posted about other things I have been up to here. Next week is race week and I can't wait! Next week is also going to be great because 1. I ordered a bunch of clothing and it is supposed to ship next week and 2. the bike store said my bike should be finished. Here is a recap of workouts from this past week:

Sunday, 1/5: Rest day

Monday, 1/6: Run Easy 2 mile run without my Garmin

Tuesday, 1/7: Cross training 30 minute full body workout + 30 minutes on stationary bike

Wednesday, 1/8: Tempo Run 4 miles at a 7.50 pace per mile

Thursday, 1/9: Cross training Cycle class for 60 mins

Friday, 1/10: Run 4 mile run at 8.40 pace per mile

Saturday, 1/11: Long Run 10 mile run at 8.09 pace

Total milage= 20 miles.


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