Catching up, workouts of the week, and my fit chick interview!

January 9, 2014

Hi again! Sorry for being a bad blogger this week. This is my last week of break before classes start back up again on Monday. This week has been mostly relaxing, with my mornings of having coffee with my sister, watching The Bachelor with my friends, training, finding more races to sign up for, doing some online shopping, signing up for nursing exams, and finishing up my nursing application.

Workout recap from the week... I went for an easy two mile run on Monday. I asked my sister for help with a few fitness photos for a guest post. It was so cold outside but I didn't want to be all covered up so I quickly took a few pictures then ran inside. Can you tell it was 35 degrees and I was freezing?

I switched up my cross training on Tuesday and rather than my regular P90X video I found a workout from Pinterest. Two rounds of three circuits followed by thirty minutes on the stationary bike. I definitely felt the burn! 

Wednesday I did a quick four mile run. Tonight my mom and I are planning on going to the cycle class at the gym. And I will post my weekly workout tomorrow! I am so excited for be featured on Ashleigh's blog, check out my fit chick interview by following the link!

That's all for now!


  1. I've been missing your posts! And that picture of you running is great! I can't even tell you're cold! :)

    1. I'm back I'm back! Oh good! I was hoping no one could tell when it was taken ;)


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