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January 13, 2014

Happy Monday! This morning was the first day of classes for the spring semester. The best thing is that I don't have any 8am classes. For five semesters I had courses that were only offered at that time but I am finished with the important classes. I was able to sleep, hang around the house, enjoy my morning coffee then get ready and leave for my 10am class. I have classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday no Tuesday or Thursday!

Top and Jeans: Anthropologie
Boots: Nordstrom
Necklace: JCrew

Full day of classes then I headed to the shoe store. On Saturday I completed my 10 miler but my feet hurt. I don't think my shoes are that run down (I have ran in them for about two months) but I can't stand uncomfortable shoes so I bought some new ones anyway. I am trying a new kind for the next few months- they are the Mizuno Wave Enigmas.

I have written about these energy bites before but they are so good not to share again! They are the quickest and easiest snack to make plus they are delicious. Seriously, go make these right now.

Energy Bites
1 cup dry oatmeal
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/3 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla 

My workout for the day was strength training/ stretching. I did the full body workout that I posted about last week followed by some yoga studio stretching. For this week my training plan says I have cross training today, three days of easy runs, two rest days, then race day. I may switch out some days since I am used to an easy run the day before a race but I will figure that out as it comes closer. 

Now it is time for some Juan Pablo!


  1. I watched Juan Pablo last night too! Love the outfit. So cute! As are the new shoes!!

    1. I started it then realized I should be doing more important things (such as studying for my huge nursing exam that was on Tuesday) so I still have to watch it! Thanks Leigha! Also, the shoes are awful.. haha I figured that out on a three mile run.

  2. So making those energy bites! Cute new shoes, too!

    1. Do it! So addicting. They are cute but so not comfortable! I ended up taking them back

  3. I missed the Bachelor this week, I'll catch up on my Juan Pablo later this week when I have time:) Love your new shoes, I like mizuno's, I've found they break down a tad faster than other shoes, but I love that they don't change the shoe so much each time they upgrade it, for that I stick with them!

    1. Same here! Planned on watching but ended up studying. Oh I didn't even realize that about them. That's why I am always at the store! Haha. The shoes ended up being awful so I am headed back to the store in hopes of better shoes.


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