20 ways to know you're a distance runner:

January 22, 2014

Sometimes it gets confusing wondering if you are a distance runner. I mean, yeah you have finished a half marathon or maybe even you have finished a full marathon but you don't know if it qualifies you under this category. Here are 20 ways to clear up the confusion on whether or not you are a long distance runner:

1. You take being called crazy as a huge compliment 
2. You have no idea how to heal your bruised/ missing toenail
3. When you see a race is $120 you don't think twice about registering
4. Saturday's are for long runs
5. It no longer bothers you to stop and use the bathroom in a park/forest while out on your long run
6. You are "rungry" all the time [thanks Ashleigh for the new word]
7. You are irritable if you haven't gotten in your run for the day
8. You proudly wear your race distance on a necklace and/or stamped on back of your car
9. 10 miles is now a short run
10. You have a stockpile of Gu chomps and gels 
11. Everyone on Instagram/blog/Facebook/social media needs to know about your daily workout
12. It doesn't phase you if a race starts at 6AM. on a weekend.
13. You wear your favorite race shirt just about every day
14. Yes, it is another sweatpants day
15. You own multiple pairs of running shoes
16. You know what your VO2 max is
17. You spend hours obsessing over the numbers on the McMillan pace calculator 
18. You're laundry is mostly workout clothing 
19. You aren't finished after you run a marathon- you've got to start competing in triathlons, run a million half marathons, qualify for Boston, etc.
20. On your birthday you consider running the distance of your age

And while the list can go on forever, on top of all of that you wouldn't change one thing about yourself because you absolutely love what you do.

Happy running, friends!


  1. Love this post! I may not be a distance runner yet, but one day!!

  2. This is awesome! I would like to call myself a distance runner, even though the most I've done is a half marathon. That's still more than most people in the world!

    1. Yep, you're a distance runner! 13.1 is not for the weak ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ashleigh! I was wondering how honest I should be (with the whole toenail and bathroom issues) but I thought ahh what the heck haha


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