Weekly Workouts

December 7, 2013

I am still working on building back up to running normally again. It is weird going from a marathon high to absolutely no running to trying to run just a couple of miles and having to walk the rest of the way home. I have read other marathoners blogs and they seem to all be in the same boat as me so I am thinking this is a normal feeling. Here are my workouts from this past week:

Sunday: 4 mile easy run, no Garmin just took it easy and ran. I felt great!

Monday: 3 mile run at a 9.29 pace || 15 mins of abs

Tuesday: 30 minutes of strength training

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 5 miles at 8.38 pace

Friday: Indoor bike for 30 minutes

Saturday: 3 miles at a 9.03 pace || 15 mins of abs

Tomorrow I am taking another day off. This weekend is our church Christmas services. I am playing in the orchestra tonight and tomorrow and I am looking forward to that! I will have a post about it next week. Have a good weekend!

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