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December 5, 2013

After looking at December races I realized that each weekend I have something going on so I am changing the first December goal of mine to: start building back my running base.

The Rock n Roll marathon that I ran a couple weeks ago doesn't happen again until next December. I want to run another marathon in the spring. Why is it so hard to find the perfect temperatures, a super flat course, and a race close by?

I took about 12 days off from exercise since the race. I planned two weeks of rest but running helps me get rid of stress and give me a chance to clear my head so I went for a short run/walk last Friday. It didn't feel good at all. I had to walk after just a mile. I went for a run on Sunday and it felt great! It was like my body knew it had been two weeks and it was ready to go again. I am working on building my base back up again. I plan on doing shorter runs during the week between 2 and 4 miles depending on how I feel that day. I also have a goal to work more on strength training during this next training cycle. 

The good thing is that in the spring there are tons of half marathons and other distance races going on each month. I have found a few that I want to run:

This is a January race. I have never heard of this race but I found it online from a 2014 race schedule. Apparently they give out chocolate chip pancakes at the finish. That's a good reason to run a half marathon, right?

I ran this half marathon last year and loved it! I registered again for this race next year pretty much the week after I finished it this year. 

My dad, oldest sister, and I are looking into this spring marathon. There are a bunch of positive reviews online. It's supposed to be a good supported race and flat course. The only thing we are working through is the distance and figuring out how we will travel that weekend. 

I am going to add a few more races as it gets closer but there is my race list as of now! 

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