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December 13, 2013

This week has been so crazy and so much fun! In between studying for my last few finals and working, I participated in different Christmas activities that I normally don't get to be in. On Wednesday night I went to my orchestra Christmas party and got to eat good food and meet different people from the orchestra who I had not met before. 

The picture above is from yesterday. My mom, younger sister, and I were invited by our in laws to participate in a flash mob at our airport on Thursday morning. We love to dance so we immediately said yes! This event is called the Snowball Express. Each year the Snowball Express gets together to serve the children and families of those who have lost a fallen military hero. It was so neat and touching to be a part of their experience.

My family was invited along with a dance team, people from Chick-fil-a, random airport workers, and a few other girls. We got together Tuesday night to rehearse our dance and practiced until it was perfect. Then on Thursday we spread out around the airport terminal and waited until our cue. It was so fun to watch people stop and stare as random people joined together in the middle of the floor and danced. For our orchestra worship I have always learned to ignore the camera so when the camera was on me I wasn't sure whether to smile or look away. A few pictures below thanks to Ragan Patterson Studios: 

On Thursday night my family and in laws went to the Michael W. Smith concert. It was a great concert! We loved listening to his music. The concert also had singer Angie Miller who we had not heard of because we don't watch American Idol. Apparently she placed third on American Idol this past season. We were amazed at her voice. That girl can sing!

And tonight my family has tickets to the basketball game! This week keeps getting better even though I still have two more finals to go... I feel like I should have been done a week ago. I will have a workout recap up tomorrow. Other things that have (not) been going on: I still have yet to sign up for the half marathon I am looking at running in January and I still need to register for two different nursing school exams and I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. I am hoping to have time to do most of that tomorrow afternoon.


  1. All of this sounds like so much fun, especially the flash mob! Haha. I also love Michael W. Smith :) I seriously don't know how you fit everything in. Good luck with the rest of finals!

    1. It was so much fun! Haha, sometimes I don't know either. It is crazy. Thank you!!


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