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December 6, 2013

This week has been crazy with three lab finals in one week but I am finished! Well, almost. It was the last week of classes before finals week/ Christmas break. I don't have the rest of my finals for a few more days so I am taking some time away from studying. Taking six science classes in one semester was crazy. Friends told me not to do it because of how much it required but I did it anyways knowing I wanted to apply for nursing school within the next few months. It was kinda like running a marathon. The semester started off easy, after a few weeks it was hard and overwhelming but I stuck with it, then before I knew it I have already taken three tests and I only have three more to go. I did it!

Some random thoughts from the pictures above. It has been cold this week so I had an excuse for lots of hot chocolate each morning. I wasn't home the nights my family went to get a tree or when they put the lights on but they saved decorating with ornaments for when we are all home tomorrow! A couple of food pictures of this week's eats including blueberry muffins for breakfast and a chicken wrap for dinner both of which were delicious. My dad and sister leaving on a run in thirty degree weather looking so cute.

On Thursday I went for a five mile run and planned on taking it easy but ended up running faster than planned. I have been working out each day of the week and it feels great to be back!

Happy Friday!

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