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December 18, 2013

When I find a new blog to read my first stop is the "about me" page. My page tells you what I like to do but there are a few things you may not know about me or that will never appear on my blog. I'm linking up with Marquis from Simply Clarke to give you more things that are about me:

  • I love God 
  • I only eat macaroni and cheese with ketchup
  • I never would have thought I would be a blogger but now I love it and think everyone should blog
  • I have a guinea pig named Ollie
  • My morning consists of making my own coffee and reading blogs
  • When I was younger I would cry every time I got a haircut
  • Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, and Switched at Birth are my favorite shows 
  • I have been to Starbucks twice.. in my life
  • Country music is the best
  • I love Katy Perry 
  • Oreo milkshakes, the smell of new running shoes, chick flicks, putting outfits together, being outdoors... these are a few of my favorite things
  • I'm obsessed with shopping
  • I don't like Facebook 
  • I enjoy picture taking 
  • Harry Potter will always be the best series 
  • I'm a girly girl
  • OCD and germaphobe are two words that describe me
  • I love my sisters
  • I hate roller coasters
  • I enjoy reading but haven't found any good books lately
  • Netflix is the best invention 
  • My biggest dream would be to complete an Ironman


  1. I love these posts :) I never thought I'd be a blogger either but now I can't imagine life without it! And I have NEVER been to Starbucks. It really doesn't interest me!

    1. Me neither! It is so much fun. And I agree, not sure all the hype haha


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