Full Body Workout

December 10, 2013

Today for a workout I did a three mile easy run followed by 15 minutes of abs. One of my other goals for the next few months is to get more upper body and core strength. For me, running is easy so I would rather run for however many miles and be done with the day. I tend not to do workouts that are hard such as arm/core workouts. I want to focus more on completing the harder workouts to get stronger. 

These are just a few examples of workouts I do on cross training days. I usually work on abs, arms, and legs with workouts that my younger sister received from her college coach. My sister and I put together a few of our favorite workouts for a full body/ lean muscle workout to show you guys. The great thing about these workouts is you can choose how many reps you want to do and how heavy of weights, if any, you want to add. There are a bunch of other workouts you can find online. This is one of my other favorite workouts.

What the pictures show:

1. Top left is a plank. This is a great ab workout. With your back straight and hips down, hold yourself up for as long as you can. My sister and I hold a plank for a minute and we do two sets of planks. I know some bloggers who like to plank for three minutes or more.

2. Bottom left is a series of lunges with weights. Step forward, lunge, lift weights over head then bring them back down, step forward and repeat.

3. The middle picture is side steps using a resistance band. The picture shows the way to cross the band between hands. I step to the left for ten steps and back to the right for ten steps. Usually repeating a few times until I feel the burn.

4. The far right pictures are ab curls, another great ab workout. Lay down on the ground supporting your head, lift your legs and head to meet in the middle, then release.

Here is to hoping that by sticking with strength training for two to three times a week that I will notice a difference. If you know other strength workouts that you like to do, leave a comment below!


  1. Oh goodness you are smarter/more creative than me! I've been meaning to buy bands that just go around my legs so I can do band walks because mine broke a while ago, but I have bands like that at home I can use them that way! Wow talk about a "lightbulb" moment haha


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