December 20, 2013

Happy Friday! I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures for some of my Friday favorites.

O N E |

It's finally Christmas break! Six finals later and I am done. I finished my last final on Tuesday morning and have been enjoying my time off. Plus, Christmas is right around the corner!

T W O |

On Wednesday night my mom, sisters and I headed to the mall to shop for Christmas gifts. The mall was pretty crazy but we got there late and stayed late and were able to get most of our shopping done.

T H R E E |

I finally bought some booties! I have seen these on multiple style blogs but I wasn't sure how they would look on me. I still have to figure out what outfit to wear with them but I think they are cute and trendy. I bought mine from Nordstrom but Anthropologie, Steve Madden, and Sole Society all have good options.

F O U R |

I love organizing. One thing that is not organized is my blog/blogging. I read a recent post that you guys who comment on my blog don't see the reply unless you go back and search the post you commented on. I reply to all comments within one day but am trying to figure out how to fix that problem. I also comment on a lot of different blogs and forget to check back with their blog to see the reply so I want to use these printables to keep track of comments, posts, etc. You can find all the printables --> here <--

F I V E |

After running blogs, I love reading style blogs. Two of my favorites that I recently found are:

      The Sweetest Thing Blog

      The Northeast Girl


  1. Love the booties!! They are adorable!


  2. I've been on a hunt for booties for awhile too! I'm not sure how they will look on me because I'm so short but I'm sure they look great on you. Also, I read commentluv and Disqus are really good comment widgets. I spent one evening trying to load commentluv to my blog, but didn't figure it out. I'll keep trying. Lol.

    Enjoy your break!

    1. I think they would be cute on you!! Oh thank you!!! I will have to check those out. I looked at Disqus but it seemed like a separate website for comments and I don't think I want a million blog websites.. maybe that's the thing though. Haha me too.

  3. Looove those booties! I believe I have CommentLuv on my blog. Although I'm not sure if you get an email when I respond, lol!


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